Personnel / Contributors

Why do a skill audit?

A skill audit is lists to know my level of business ability that is needed to carry out the project. You think about current skills that you can do well and skills that you can’t do well include what you need to develop by learning. By using that, team leader could make a plan to develop skills of each member and even hire another personnel of some areas.

  • You think about those lists of skill audit
  1.  List of your current skills in ( Area / Equipment / Software )
  2.  Gaps (what do you NOT have skills in)
  3.  Target (what do you need to learn to complete the project)

In my case, I major in design so I can use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. But I can’t do a reading HTML sources or making music. And what I need to learn to develop skills is After Effect and Premiere that now I took a class for 3 days.

Why do a SWOT?

If you have a SWOT analysis before making progress in the project, it will provide you a clearer answer to your strategy.
Also you can realize the next step obviously and it will give you a high quality of project.
It identify the Strengths and Weaknesses, the Opportunities and the Threats. The strengths that  and weaknesses can be found in the skill audit. The opportunities is about available for you, and the threats is that can be made less success for project.


Why must we use a release form for contributor?

Release form is a paper that will be written between employee and employer. When you hire someone, you must prepare this form not to make any problem. For example when you take a interview with someone, you must fill in with the citizen. If you don’t do that, the citizen may ask to delete it. But if there are a release form, you will not have any problem with that.

  • Vocabulary
  1. Personnel = you and your team
  2. Contributors = people who you get in to do a specific task (e.g. Actor / Presenter)
  3. Audit = in order to check that they are correct.


*personal notes from class (13.02.14)

*Longman Dictionary : meaning of audit

* : about SWOT

* Photo Release Form

* Development planning and career management by Skills audit

* SWOT analysis method and example

* Why do you need release form?


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